Pesto Pizza with Home-made Spelt Crust

Being an Italian, you’d think that I would have attempted to make an entirely home-made pizza before the age of 29 (childhood moments of helping my grandmother aside).

I’ve been trying to brave the waters of gluten-free/wheat-free baking for sometime, but I’ve encountered quite the learning curve with understanding the right proportions and substitutions. Traditional baking tends to be science first, art second, so messing around with key ingredients like flour and sugar is not to be attempted lightly.

Still, I managed to create a successful (and might I add, delicious!) pizza creation, so I thought I’d share the results with you fine folks:

For the crust, I used this recipe from Vegetarian Times.

For the “heck, yeah that’s good!” pesto sauce, look no further than Vegan Spoonful.

And, voila!

Pesto Pizza with Spelt Crust

You can top it off with whatever tickles your fancy. I sauteed some white mushrooms and sweet onions, and added sun-dried tomatoes, dusted it with some cracked black pepper, a few chili flakes, some dried oregano and rosemary, and drizzled olive oil over top before baking.

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